License for Open Product Management Workflow™

You can use the Open Product Management Workflow™ for your non-commercial and commercial projects for free under the following license rules:

The following are examples of proper and improper usage of these trademark owner trademarks:

Correct: ‹your product name› for ‹trademark owner mark›

Correct: ‹your product name› plug-in for ‹trademark owner mark›

Correct: ‹your product name› compatible with ‹trademark owner mark›

Correct: ‹your product name› for use with ‹trademark owner mark›

Incorrect: ‹trademark owner mark› ‹your product name›

Incorrect: ‹trademark owner mark›-‹your product name›

Questions, Comments, Concerns

We look to our community to help us retain the value of the trademarks owner marks. If you have questions with respect to these guidelines or to report concerns regarding the use or misuse of a trademarks owner trademark, or to obtain written permission for a proposed use of the trademark owner trademarks, contact us.

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